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ADT Booster®

Diphtheria and Tetanus Vaccine, Adsorbed

ADT Booster Vaccine is a combination vaccine which helps to prevent two diseases, each caused by a different infection. The diseases are:
  • Diphtheria
  • Tetanus

Both of these infections are serious and can be life threatening.

  • ADT Booster Vaccine is given to:
    • Children 5 years of age and over
    • Adults
  • ADT Booster Vaccine is also given as an additional dose (booster dose) about every 10 years for people who have already had the full primary course of ADT® Booster Vaccine. One (1) dose is needed for the booster dose.
  • ADT Booster Vaccine works by getting your body to produce its own protection against the two types of bacteria (germs). The germs are those that cause two different and serious infections. The vaccine does not contain live germs and cannot give you these illnesses.
  • After you have ADT Booster Vaccine, your body makes substances called antibodies. These antibodies fight both the diphtheria and the tetanus germs. When you come into contact with these germs, your body is usually ready to destroy them.

    Note: Your body takes a few weeks after vaccination to develop protection against both the diphtheria and tetanus virus. You need to complete the full primary course of injections to get full protection.
  • Most people who receive either:
    The booster dose (suitable only if in the past they have had the full primary course against diphtheria and tetanus), will produce enough antibodies to protect against the diphtheria and tetanus virus.
  • However, as with all vaccines, 100% protection cannot be guaranteed.  

ADT Booster Vaccine - Diphtheria and Tetanus Vaccine, Adsorbed (Diluted for Adult Use) ≥ 2 IU/0.5 mL Diphtheria Toxoid, ≥ 20 IU/0.5 mL Tetanus Toxoid injection, solution

ADT Booster Vaccine may have side effects in some people. Sometimes they are serious, most of the time they are not. You or your child may need medical treatment if you get some of the side effects. ADT Booster Vaccine may cause a reaction at the injection site such as temporary redness, tenderness or swelling. A small lump at the injection site of ADT Booster Vaccine, sometimes this may last for a few weeks. 

ADT Booster Vaccine is a funded prescription medicine for adults (45 and 65 years old) who require a booster shot of either diphtheria or tetanus. Normal doctors fees and Pharmacy charges apply. As with all medicines ADT Booster Vaccine has risks and benefits. Speak to your doctor to see if ADT Booster Vaccine is right for you. 

Note: Information on this site is not intended to replace the advice given by your doctor or other health professional. 

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TAPS no: PP3212.


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