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Overactive Bladder

Good news for people with Overactive Bladder.
There’s a simple treatment called Vesicare and it’s fully funded.
What is an Overactive Bladder? 
If you often have a strong urge to go to the toilet and can’t hold on, chances are you may have a very common bladder problem called Overactive Bladder.
  • Overactive Bladder (OAB) is one of the most common bladder problems. It affects both men and women and can occur at any age.
  • Many people think it’s a normal part of the aging process. But it is definitely not. And it’s something you don’t have to put up with. ( PDF icon Print the Bladder Symptom QUIZ)
  •   VESICARE® is a prescription medicine that’s highly effective in treating all the symptoms of Overactive Bladder which includes the sudden urge to go to the toilet to urinate and gives you more warning time to get to a toilet.
How can I get VESICARE?
  • Have you ever been prescribed a treatment for Overactive Bladder (such as oxybutynin) that you were intolerant to? You might have had side effects  like dry mouth, for example VESICARE® is fully funded under Special Authority, for anyone who was previously prescribed oxybutynin but who decided to stop using this treatment due to side effects. All you’ll pay are normal doctor’s fees and pharmacy charges. To see if you qualify, simply make an appointment with your doctor and ask if VESICARE® is right for you.

Talk to your doctor about it and get a $10 consultation rebate.( PDF icon click here to get your $10 consultation rebate voucher)

Note: Information on this site is not intended to replace the advice given by your doctor or other health professional.

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