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Excellence in Innovation

Innovation has been in the DNA of our parent company, CSL, since its beginning in 1916 and remains at the core of everything we do at Seqirus.

Our Seqirus research and development group focus on improving the effectiveness of current influenza vaccines and their manufacturing processes. Other activities provide support to ensure the conditions are optimised for efficient vaccine manufacture. At the same time, we continue to explore the early stage opportunities in novel formulations and alternate delivery technologies. Our driving mission is to maintain the highest level of preparedness for the next pandemic.

Investment in R&D

Investment in R&D is an important driver for Seqirus’ future growth. We have a high-quality and potentially valuable portfolio of influenza and pandemic vaccine projects in various stages of development. We continue to make a balanced investment in the life cycle management and market development of existing products that bring short to mid-term commercial benefits, and we make strategic investments in longer-term, higher-risk and high-opportunity new product development activities.

World-Class R&D Network

Seqirus is a global specialty vaccine company with a strong commitment to funding research and development of influenza and pandemic vaccines to support its continued growth. We operate as one integrated global research and development organisation that assembles coordinated global project teams, drawing together staff from different countries depending on their expertise. Our teams rely on a project management framework that facilitates collaboration across national and cultural boundaries.

Excellence in Research and Development

Our singular global focus is influenza prevention. We work tirelessly on cutting-edge research, new technologies and the latest methods of production and distribution. Together with our partners, we’re on the front line every day, working to protect people and communities from seasonal influenza and global pandemic threats.


An adjuvant is a component in the vaccines that enhances efficacy through improving the immune response. Our team focuses on optimizing production for adjuvanted influenza vaccine.

Cell culture

Cell-based influenza vaccines represent one of the most significant advances in the history of influenza production. 

Reassortment of virus candidates

We are one of the few laboratories in the world shuffling the genes of the flu virus each season for the WHO, to help create the best starting virus for manufacture. 


We have developed innovative assays to test the quality, efficacy and strength of influenza vaccines.

  • 12

    Clinical Trials underway in FY21

  • US $1B

    Invested in research and development across CSL in FY21

  • 11

    New product registrations or indications

The team behind our research and development

Seqirus has a rich heritage and deep expertise in the science of influenza vaccines. Our centre of excellence in influenza vaccine research is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

HSP Scientist

The importance of technical development

Our technical development laboratories are co-located with our manufacturing facilities in the UK (Liverpool), US (Holly Springs) and Australia (Melbourne) and focus on process innovation to optimize production.

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cell culture

Advancement in cell-based technology

In 2017, we introduced the first ever cell-derived starting virus in the production of cell-based influenza vaccines at our state-of the-art facility at Holly Springs, North Carolina.


Next generation flu vaccine manufacturing

In 2018, we secured FDA approval for the next generation cell-based influenza manufacturing process.

Elderly & children

Enhanced influenza vaccine for the elderly

Clinical trials are underway to support the transition of our adjuvanted influenza vaccine to a quadrivalent formulation for use in older adults